Robert (Bob) Joseph Mercier 

Bob is a trophy buck hunter, an inventor, an author, an instructor, a guide, a seminar speaker, and most importantly one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to knowing whitetail deer behavior. Bob teaches others using his own methods, and has gotten a customer feedback rating of 99% success by those who followed the rules for using Bob’s tactics.

Bob is self-taught. He learned all he knows from studying wild deer in his free time. He is the first person in the world to read buck rubs. They are signs left by dominant bucks, challenging intruder bucks, and monster un-ranked bucks, that tell other deer where the territory boundaries of herds are. Bob is the first to find out hundreds of facts about deer that no one has ever written or taught about before him.

Bob grew up in New Berlin, Wisconsin on a 40 acre hobby farm owned by his parents.  He started hunting deer with a gun in 1979 at the age of twelve. Back then he loved being outdoors, tracking game, and learning from the signs they left behind. He hunted with his father and two brothers until 1991 with the traditional deer hunting tactics his father had taught him, but Bob was not convinced that stand sitting, still hunting,  or making deer drives were the only ways a person could hunt deer. Bob felt there had to be another way. He wasn’t able to succeed at harvesting monster – racked bucks as he dreamed of, by using traditional deer hunting methods, so he quit deer hunting completely in November 1991 and set out on a mission to learn what deer think.

He studied more than 300 deer for the next 16 months on nearly a day-to-day basis. He learned how to be invisible to deer. How to walk within 35 yards of any deer in daylight, and how to predict the bedding areas that the herd’s would choose to be in based on wind direction and air temperatures. He learned the rules deer live by. They are not known by humans. He can find the last used bed of the king of any deer herd in less than one hour, and he can teach you to do the same. Bob has learned to share space with monster bucks. He promised God that he would not be selfish and he would share his findings with others if he was able to learn from deer, what they think, and if he could get within 35 yards of a mature buck every day of the week, no matter what the weather was. Bob can do that, and he has been proving it to his friends and family, and now his students, for the past 23 years.

Bob took his a set of skills he learned from deer and combined them with the framework of a day of deer hunting, and he was able to make mature bucks from any herd, fight for the right to own, a mock-scrape that he invented. No deer makes a scrape like the one Bob teaches you to make when hunting deer in the rut with his NEW SYSTEM.

In 1998 at age 31, he invented the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Trophy Buck Hunting System, a new way to hunt dominant and monster whitetail bucks during the rut. The D.I.E. system makes the king of any deer herd hunt you.

On a D.I.E. hunt, the dominant buck is brainwashed into believing you are an invisible pair of breeding deer. The dominant buck moves in close and searches for the two deer (you), for up to four consecutive days, because he has to in order to maintain his position as the king of his herd.

As if that is not good enough, contending monster bucks, swamp bucks, and intruder challenging bucks from other herds compete with the dominant buck for the right to be the one to meet you, while you are in your stand waiting for them! They believe that you are a pair of breeding deer, because the D.I.E. system brainwashes them to believe it.

All bucks compete for breeding rights and when a ‘hot doe’ is in the area, nothing but dominance matters to any buck. Every mature buck wants to win the right to breed with the doe, and the most dominant buck in the area has to fight to win that right. When you hunt with D.I.E. you are the ‘hunted’ and the most dominant buck (at that moment) is hunting you! The most dominant buck will come within 35 yards of your stand, during daylight, at least one time, in less than four consecutive days, of the rut, if you use D.I.E. as directed.

Bob learned by filming deer year round through two consecutive rutting seasons how deer live and how they think. He was able to develop his D.I.E. system because he learned to think like deer. He communicates with deer through his actions, and by his reactions. He never tells a deer he is a human. If he did they would not hunt him.

In his new book “DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING…To A Monster Whitetail Buck!” Bob shows you “The Big Picture”. He teaches you about the behavior of dominant bucks and their herds. He shows you how to scout, set up, and hunt with his amazing D.I.E. system, and along the way, he teaches you important things he discovered about whitetail behavior that to Bob’s knowledge, no one else on the planet ever discovered before.

Bob knows whitetail behavior better than most people, he has shared space with 320+ deer for 16 months in the wild, and he has changed the way he hunts deer because of it. Now he is sharing his knowledge with you through this “Dominance Is Everything” book and by teaching D.I.E. seminars anywhere people ask him to go.

Bob can “walk like a deer”, “talk like a deer”, and “read sign like a deer”. In 1991, Bob developed his own methods that allow him and others to be invisible to deer, and ever since then he has been able to walk among them unnoticed. Learning to hunt with Bob’s D.I.E. System does not change deer behavior, it allows you to change your behavior, to mimic deer behavior, and that makes you (the D.I.E. user) ‘the hunted’ instead of the hunter!