Bob J. Mercier – Bio

Whitetail deer behavior expert, dominant buck hunting guide, and author, Bob Mercier is sharing his knowledge of whitetail deer through the sale of his book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING…To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011 written, published and distributed by Bob J. Mercier. Bob owns Mindful Of Nature LLC. As a sole proprietorship, Bob runs all aspects of his LLC. In 2017, Bob is selling his books online at as well as by mail order and by phone. Bob’s tactics are his own. He is unique, in his style of teaching. He explains the lands we hunt as the DEER WORLD. He teaches people who wish to learn – how to get close to the deer they want to shoot, or take photos of, in daylight, without letting the deer know you are a human or a threat.

In a nutshell, Bob has personally influenced more than 5000 deer hunters to adapt to using his tactics, and they have become the first D.I.E. HUNTERS in America. D.I.E. HUNTERS do not hunt deer. The deer they wish to kill or see, hunts the D.I.E. HUNTER. This is possible because Bob trains his book readers to behave as a deer instead as a human. Think like a deer, and make deer believe you are a buck or a doe instead of a human. You can do it, very easily by changing your behavior. Bob details every step in his 416 page book. Those who own it swear by the book. Many people choose to re-read it before hunting each fall, to keep their new duties as an invisible deer, fresh in their minds. Those who use Bob J. Mercier’s tactics as directed meet the king of the herd at less than 35 yards in daylight on 99% of their D.I.E. HUNTS. Testimonials prove there is no easier way to consistently harvest a mature whitetail buck season after season in the shortest period of time, than by using Bob J. Mercier’s tactics, also known as the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System.

I am one of the most knowledgeable whitetail deer behavior experts you can ever meet. What sets me apart from my peers is the fact that I learned all I know about deer, from observing deer in the wild, and walking among them unnoticed. I know what deer behavioral traits mean, and why all deer do what they do, how they communicate with one another, and what every sound and vocalization they make means to the other deer that hear it. I assure you that wild mature deer are not speaking to you, they do not intend to spend time with humans, and if a buck has been hunted before he does not want to see, hear, or smell the scent of a human again during the rut. I have set out on a mission to share my knowledge with other people so they can experience a buck worthy of bragging about <35 yards, on every single deer hunt. I know how to hunt does as well, but I do not teach that except while I am on private lessons and it is requested of me.  I learned from deer what no other man has discovered before me. I thank God for allowing me to do this. I am selling a book, Guiding Wisconsin Deer Hunters, Training Book Owners across America, Teaching Classes on Scouting, Setting Up, and Hunting for kings, etc…

Dominance Is Everything® is a Registered Trademark of Robert J. Mercier

Bob J. Mercier is Robert J. Mercier’s nickname, and pen name