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Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is in the D.I.E. Book? It is a $50 book for every deer hunter, and every person who wants to know all they can about whitetail deer behavior. It could be the best $50 you ever spent. I teach you how to use my deer hunting tactics also known as the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System so you can get close to the biggest-racked bucks in the herd any day of the week, by going on foot, or by sitting in a tree stand and having them come within 35 yards of you. My focus for writing this book was to share my knowledge of deer behavior with everyone all at once. I know things about deer that no one else, has any idea are facts! These facts I have learned from deer have been overlooked by whitetail experts for centuries. Knowing these facts makes deer hunting for mature bucks and does, an easy feat. Anyone can go afield and hunt a matter of hours, never more than 4 consecutive days during the rut, and meet the most dominant buck in the area at that time, when he walks up to a D.I.E. Scrape that they build to my specifications within 35 yards of their tree stand. I have more knowledge about whitetail deer  than anyone, and I aim to prove it. I am writing books, and I will go on TV, Radio, and in the future I plan to make training and hunting videos showing others what I have learned from deer. The fact is I know what deer think. Using my tactics any person can see a mature buck every day of the week on their own land.
    • Where did you get this knowledge? From 1991 to 1996 I studied 6 different deer herds. They each had a king, a pecking order, unranked bucks living inside the territory, a group of does, and fawns and young bucks that did not hold rank. Each king had his own territory and the king behaved differently based on the conditions he was facing at the time. I learned from kings of herds how to think like them. They keep all other deer safe. Now I can convince any animal that I am not human, and so can you.
    • Is the meaning of buck rubs really so important? Absolutely. They are street signs to deer. You will soon realize that knowing what the DEER RULES are by reading buck rubs, makes you a more knowledgeable hunter. Your hunts become more fun, because reading buck rubs allows you to role-play with the king and his herd. I learned there are 9 types of dominant buck rubs. I know what each one tells the deer that read it. I teach you to read rubs, when you read my book. No one else has ever written or taught the meaning of rubs and been accurate before. Why base your findings on assumptions, when I can prove these facts to you.
    • Are you still teaching? If so where can I meet you? Yes, I taught 1400 people in classrooms over the past 4 years, and 200 of them took me afield on their own hunting land. I show those who hire me, how to use my tactics to experience the biggest racked bucks in face-to-face encounters. You have to be willing to change your ways, in order to be successful using my tactics. Not everyone kills a buck, but nearly everyone encounters a buck worthy of shooting on their first hunt. Failure is when you quit early, or when you hit the buck but never recover his body. Sometimes you are going to choose to fail. I choose to never fail intentionally.  I feel that every person who hunts deer can learn from me by reading my book from cover-to-cover. I am glad people who have read it – have replied telling me they love it.
    • Is the D.I.E. Book a handbook? Yes, it is the best tool any deer hunter can have to help them understand deer movements and locations to hunt so the hunter can become the hunted and their odds of seeing a trophy racked buck on every hunt will rise to from less than 3% to better than 90%. The D.I.E. Book is the first book that I have written. It is meant as a tool, a handbook for deer hunters who have not been seeing any trophy racked bucks, or very few of them while deer hunting. I can change the outcome of every deer hunt you go on for the rest of your life (on your own land) if you adapt to the deer world using my methods, then kings of herds will hunt you there! My book is awesome because I teach you how to read buck rubs. What they mean, and how powerful having this knowledge makes a monster buck hunter when he or she is afield.
    • In a nutshell please tell me what I will learn by reading your book? Bob shows you how to identify the king of the deer herd, what deer rules are, and how to walk among deer unnoticed in daylight. How every deer herd is set up and how kings get their jobs, where they bed in relation to other deer, and how to know where you are inside the territory of kings when you are looking at deer sign. Bob teaches you how to hunt deer with a mock scrape he invented and named the D.I.E. Scrape. This scrape is unique. Bob discovered facts about dominant bucks and the competitors of kings of herds that change the outcome of the hunts of traditional deer hunters that adjust their methods to implement Bob’s tactics. The D.I.E. Scrape System is an entire method of hunting deer in the rut, (90-120 days each fall and into winter). It attracts only mature does in heat and does in estrus, and the bucks that have a right to breed with them. D.I.E. System users can go in any woodlot or on any field edge and st the D.I.E. Scrape up, and within 3 calendar days the king of the herd will own the D.I.E. Scrape. From that time forward no bucks will walk within 35 yards of it, unless they are the king of the herd or they are willing to fight the king of the herd if they encountered him there, for the right to dominate that particular breeding scrape. Bob has taken this D.I.E. Scrape even farther so you are part of the hunt instead of being a human hunting deer, you are a buck that came from over a mile away, that no deer in the area has ever met. You leave the sign of a breeding buck who used to be a king in another herd, and by doing so you have challenged the king of the deer herd to a fight for the right to breed inside his own herd territory! What an awesome way to hunt deer right? But it gets better, Bob teaches you to be two deer, the intruder buck (ex king) and an intruder doe in heat that is going into estrus. Heat says I need a date in a few days whichever buck wants me…follow me and when I am willing to mate (in estrus) I will mate with you. Being in estrus says I am willing to mate now. Not tomorrow, right now, and any buck that is 2 or older can have me now if he does not get his butt kicked by a more dominant buck in this area at this second in time! D.I.E. HUNTERS are both a challenging buck and a hot doe, and there is not a king alive on our planet EARTH that will walk away from a challenge he believes is genuine, and a breedable doe in estrus. The toughest part for first-time users is realizing that your brain is not part of the D.I.E. System. Bob invented it and you need to use his method as directed in order for all the deer in the area to be led to believe by your actions that you are not a human. If they get any idea you are a threat, they will not come out in the open within 35 yards of you in daylight. People who break the rules are only human. I know that, and I am human too, but when I hunt with my DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING SCRAPE SYSTEM I can never tell any deer that I am human, because deer do not fight to the death to get to a human to commit suicide, they fight to the death for the right to continue to dominate their kingdom, and for a continued right to breed. No buck but a king has an earned right to breed on his own land. You can learn more about deer and hunting deer with easier methods than you now know, if you open your mind and purchase a copy of my book. The title does not tell you what the book is about. The Preface and the Table Of Contents do! The book title is a fact that all deer hunters should accept as the only reason why bucks aspire to be kings of herds. DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING…To A Monster Whitetail Buck!
    • What is the D.I.E. System?  It is a set of tactics that Bob Mercier uses, that he learned from observing deer behavior, that when used as directed, provides humans with the ability to get close to the biggest-racked bucks in any deer herd.
    • What is the D.I.E. Scrape? A mock-scrape that Bob Mercier invented (deer do not make scrapes like it), that makes the king of any deer herd, aware of the facts that a monster-racked buck from another herd, and a doe in heat are frequenting his territory with intentions to mate while they are there. The D.I.E. Scrape is unique, and it has power to draw all breeder bucks that come in contact with the scent of it, from over 500 yards away in all directions.
    • Why do I need a D.I.E. Scrape? D.I.E. System Users do not need a D.I.E. Scrape to succeed at getting close to the king in the rut, but by using it, you can be sure that the king of the herd is one of the first three bucks that will approach it while you are there. Using the D.I.E. Scrape allows herd bucks to compete night and day for the right to own your scrape and the area that is 35 yards all the way around it. Without a D.I.E. Scrape the deer will not concentrate on moving to the place you are, for the purpose of breeding. Using a D.I.E. Scrape according to my instructions, makes the primary breeding zone of the entire herd, become relocated to the area downwind and crosswind of your tree stand for up to 4 consecutive days in the rut. Using a D.I.E. Scrape changes the way deer behave around deer hunters, so the deer do not know the deer hunter is there. You are hunted by the king of the herd and his competitors because all deer are convinced that you are either a buck or a doe and they have to come to look for you at the D.I.E. Scrape in order to find you during daylight. It brings in kings of herds and their competitors.  These are not lesser-ranked pecking order bucks, yearling bucks or buck fawns.  In fact lesser-ranked bucks do not come within 35 yards of you while you use a D.I.E. Scrape unless you broke the #1 rule. No Trail Cameras. The reason is, you have to follow my rules. I do not use trail cameras so you cannot either. If you want more reasons buy my book.
    • When using the D.I.E. System 100% as directed what do I get to see? So far, since I invented it in October 1991, everyone who hunted using the D.I.E. Scrape and a portable tree stand, or a permanent stand that no deer ever busted a human out of, has seen the most dominant buck in the area at the time. Each buck that approaches within 35 yards of a D.I.E. System User (a.k.a. D.I.E. HUNTER) is the most dominant buck in the area at that moment in time. It does not mean he is the king of the deer herd though. You must read my book in order to know what behavior to look for from the king of the herd. No buck has the right to do what the king of the herd can do.
    • What makes the deer come within 35 yards of a D.I.E. Scrape System User? The fact that the D.I.E. HUNTER is not seen, smelled or heard by any deer, as being a human. The fact that you are invisible to deer, and the fact that kings of deer herds compete with bucks from other herds, and un-ranked monster bucks for the right to breed does in estrus.
    • Why did you write a book instead of making videos? The D.I.E. Book was written so every person regardless of age or ability to see bucks while hunting, could see a deer herd from the perspective of the deer, instead of the perspective of the deer hunter. Each deer in a herd has a clear understanding of the rules that the king of the herd sets for all deer to follow. Bob Mercier learned these rules. Dominant bucks have to go within 35 yards of their own breeding scrapes (on the downwind side) to defend them from challenging bucks. When a buck walks, trots, or gallops within 35 yards of a breeding scrape he is saying to other bucks, “I am not afraid of you, I am here to find a mate (if the rut is on) and if you want me to leave then come over here and make me leave.” Bucks dominate over one another. It is a fact. Dominance Is Everything…To A Monster Whitetail Buck! is a fact!
    • What is Bob J. Mercier famous for?Bob Mercier discovered the truth of what all deer sign means. Bob learned from deer what they think. He teaches people how to be invisible to deer. How to walk among deer in daylight, and how to use his tactics to find the king of any deer herd by reading the sign he leaves behind. Bob discovered that deer herds are the same all across the continent. They all have 3 core doe bedding areas (Bob discovered that fact) . Bob knows thousands of facts about deer that no one else is aware of as being facts. Bob defines every aspect of the behavior of deer so anyone can see where a deer was coming from and where it was going just by analyzing the sign it left behind, or by actually seeing a live deer. In his first book he explained the basics of what every person who hunts big bucks should know before going afield in search of monster racked bucks. He also taught his readers how to walk like a deer so they could get as close as a few feet away from any deer in daylight.
    • What is the ‘DEER WORLD”? It is the world that deer live in. People do not exist in the “DEER WORLD”. In the deer world there are deer, trees, vegetation, the ground, sky, water, birds, reptiles, and four legged predators. There are not any two legged predators (humans). When a human enters the “DEER WORLD” Bob thinks that human should keep his or her humanity a secret from deer. By your actions you tell deer that you are not a deer. All deer perceive a human as being a deer until your actions tell them different. Bob teaches you how to behave as one of the smartest deer in the area, and for that reason real deer that hear you moving believe you are a deer from another herd, and they allow you to enter their territory to see what you will do next. Bob teaches you how deer behave in their world so every action you make tells the real deer a story. They know how one another moves, and how long they will stay in one place. I know that too. I teach you to pretend you are a deer, but to never dress like one, and never to put any deer scent on your body or clothing. You should be scent-free. I teach you how in my book.
    • How can I see the “DEER WORLD”? You have to learn from Bob J. Mercier by reading his entire book. He shows you in diagrams and photos and through descriptive stories what the “DEER WORLD” looks like. He takes you there. All you have to do is allow yourself to be taught. It is tough to start believing in things you never heard of before, but that is what it takes to gain the knowledge that Bob J. Mercier has to offer. Bob proves his findings everyday by teaching others to see the “Deer World” as he does, from the perspective of the deer that live in it.
    • Please name some of the things that Bob J. Mercier discovered about deer and their sign? Bob is the first person to ever be able to read any bit of deer sign (a track, feces, a bed, browse, a trail, a buck rub, a water source, a congregation zone, a breeding zone) and see the whole deer herd in his mind. It is unbelievable until you see him do it. The second he sees any type of sign (no matter where it is) Bob shows you the entire deer herd (doe bedding areas, buck bedding areas, location of breeding scrapes, congregation zones, and territorial boundaries between kings) by drawing what he knows are the facts, on paper. So far Bob has done this over 300 times in the past 4 years in front of people he never met before, and he has never been wrong. NEVER. (Invite Bob on TV with your deer hunting show and he will do it live for broadcast television)
    • Why haven’t I heard of all this before? Because Bob is not on TV with his own show, he has not been given opportunities to speak about his D.I.E. System in the biggest hunting shows in the nation, and the general public does not want to believe in Bob’s claims without seeing proof in video form. Bob wants to go on TV to promote his style of hunting deer, and his tactics being used by deer hunters all across the country. Deer hunting is more fun when you see the king on every hunt.
    • Have you ever walked with customers up to a bedded Dominant Buck? Yes, as a matter of fact I have. Last fall in the rut in Northcentral Wisconsin while on my first Guided Scout and Guided-Set-Up with the D.I.E. System. First you should know that it is impossible for a human to share space with a mature deer, unless he or she is invisible to that deer. I teach my clients how to be invisible to deer, and then I teach them how to behave as a deer. Deer from the local herd will behave differently when they leave their herd king’s territory and for that reason we (D.I.E. HUNTERS) need to know when to behave like we are not from this herd, and when to behave as if we are from this herd. That takes practice, and I am an expert at it. When I walk land with clients I train them how to do things the right way. I only show them one way and that way works every time. Wind direction and weather change, but the rules in the deer herd do not! I can take any deer hunter who has read my book and is now a D.I.E. HUNTER, to the king of the deer herd while he lays in his bed, in daylight. What I need is your full cooperation and three hours or less with the ability to cross property boundaries (unless the king is bedded on your land or public land).  Last year I took a man (Randy Beuchel experience deer hunter) and a women (Tonya-Randy’s girlfriend who doesn’t hunt deer yet) to a dominant buck’s bed and the king was in it at the time. Before we got there I trained Randy and Tonya for 5 hours at their kitchen table. I needed them to know what we were going to see and what it all meant before we saw it. I need for my clients to be part of the training. I am not just showing you things, I am training you how to see them for yourself so you can train your loved ones and everyone will know in the future. I told my clients that our job as D.I.E. HUNTERS is to read dominant buck sign like a deer that has business with the king of the herd. That means a doe in heat or doe in estrus, and a challenging intruder buck from another herd, or an unranked buck living inside this herd’s territory. We cannot be a human that has business with the king. The king of the herd knows what humans smell like, look like, and how they behave, so he would leave the area in a flash if we were to tell him his #1 enemy was hunting him. We are invisible humans, and invisible deer. We walk like deer, we are dressed like brush and we are scent-free. There is nothing more to do than learn how to role-play with deer and I have that covered in the chapters of my book. Randy had read my book cover-to-cover and now had hired me to train him on his hunting land. The first step in finding the king is to locate any one of his signs. Knowing that we had a SW wind I knew the king would be in the far NE corner of his territory and we may or maynot be there when we walk into the forested area. In order to know where you are in a dominant buck’s territory you first have to locate a shredded tree rub, made by the king. Kings of deer herds have habits. Every king of a herd rub trees in the same places inside his herd boundaries in order to tell the other deer living there how to find him any day or night. I know how to read every buck rub like a deer, so finding a rub was our first task. Dominant bucks rub trees 15 – 20 yards inside the outside edge of cover on the downwind side of doe trails that are exiting the cover. That is a fact I discovered. I can stand hundreds of yards away from any woodlot that has deer sign in it, and I can tell a person where the dominant buck will enter the woods and I will be accurate within 15 yards every time. So I told my clients where the king will have an entrance trail into the woods behind their cottage, and we went there. We found the trail right away. From there I told them to help me by following me at a deer pace, as we do what the king does. We walk his trail. So we followed the king’s trail into the woods 15 yards to a small sapling that was less than 3/4″ around. I read the sapling rub, using the formula I published on Page 104 of my book, and I pointed out two possible bedding sites for the king. The shredded rub told me (thinking like a deer) that the king of the herd was bedded in front of me NE or NW of this sapling rub approximately 55 yards away. He would be in lowland (wet ground) or thick brush that would hide his antlers. The two spots were only 75 yards apart so we chose one and went to it walking like a doe (Bob), a fawn (Randy) and a another fawn (Tonya). After going forward about 10 yards I could smell the king’s musky gland scent in the air. I said aloud “the king is near us now”. I lead my clients Randy Buechel of WI and Tonya (Randy’s girlfriend) to the bed of the king and once I saw him laying there I crouched down, and called Randy and Tonya up to my location to join me. ‘There he is!” ” He is bedded down right there. His butt is towards us, and his spine is to the South, he is looking right at us but he doesn’t see any humans or threats, isn’t this awesome?” The buck was a 8 or 10 pointer with a white colored rack and high pitch-fork tines. I told my client that he could go back to the house and get his bow and the buck would still be here when he comes back, and then he could shoot this buck face-to-face while standing on the ground. The buck had a Pope and Young qualifying rack, and it would be a rare opportunity if he were to do it. Randy replied, no, it is ok. I saw this buck last night and I did not want him, because I know there are wider racked bucks on my land. I then told Randy that we could see how wide a king’s rack is based on smooth buck rubs, and I know how to read them so I can guess the inside spread within one inch. I have done it over 100 times in the past two years and I have never been wrong. I believe God gives me these skills that no man has ever had before me. After we observe this buck for a few minutes so you can see that he is looking right at us and he does not see people looking back, then we can move on. I will take you to the signs of the neighboring king and we will see how wide his rack is once we find a smooth rub. Randy was stoked! He was hyper like a kid seeing a big-buck for the first time. I was excited too, and so was Tonya. We went back to staring at the king while he stared back at us. We were 33 yards from the king of the herd and he did not see any humans or any threats. We were downwind and crosswind of the buck, but we came in from upwind of him and he never identified us as a threat by our scent. We were talking softly and he was not afraid of us, because we were invisible humans. Randy believed me when he saw the king but Tonya kept on asking me why is he just laying there? Randy answered, “Because we are invisible” Why doesn’t he leave? Randy answered again “Because he doesn’t see us” Tonya said How could he not see us? A good question so I replied, “Because deer cannot see depth. I taught you that in your cottage a few hours ago and you said then that you understood me. Now you can see the truth. We are wearing tree limb and leaf camo patterns, we are crouched down now and there are tree limbs and leaves all the way around us except between us and the king. He cannot see us, because we (humans) are not here”. Randy said “Yes we are not here, just some trees and brush is here. We are what we wear” That was so true. Then Tonya asked “How did you know he was here?” I read the shredded rub like the king who made it. Those shredded tree rubs are territorial and they tell me where the king of the herd is bedded depending on which way the wind is coming from. I have my own formula which I have only shared with a few dozen people, that takes you from any shredded tree rub to the bed of the king without failure. That is what I did here.”  Tonya asked “How did you know where he would be?” I answered “The rubbed tree told me”. Then we all laughed under our breath. We had to talk softly with the buck staring at us. We stayed there for 4 minutes talking among ourselves most of the time. Then Tonya asked “How come he does not smell us?” I answered “because the wind is carrying our scent NW of here and he is bedded upwind of us, he can only smell the scent of what the wind carries to him, and of what we emit, and since we are scent-free we are not emitting any scent.” Then the best question I had been asked yet was asked by Randy and Tonya at the same time, they asked “why doesn’t he run away because we are talking?” I am glad they asked that question because up until then I had never told anyone that deer cannot tell that your voice is a threat. They do not know human voices (one from another). They do not fear the voice of a human, they fear the sound of a human’s approach towards them at ranges closer than 50 feet. If you whisper and do not move towards them while talking or whispering, then they will not fear your voice. I believe they do not know our voice is attached to our body. They hear human voices and amplified radio noise whenever they are near a roadway, and they are not afraid to go near roadways. Noise doesn’t kill deer only approaching objects do. Those were all good questions for a person who never witnessed these amazing things before. I personally have been closer than 8 feet away from 8 kings of deer herds in my past, and this time it was 33 yards and we stayed there to “SHARE SPACE WITH THE KING” and to bask in the enjoyment we were getting of accomplishing a feat that very few people in our lifetime have ever been able to do before us.  It may have been the first time 3 people ever did that!