Return/Refund Policies


A package shipped from Mindful Of Nature LLC that has been damaged, or tampered with before it is delivery to you, may be replaced by us at our expense if you call us within 24 hours of it being delivered.  We will ask for photos of the package before agreeing to replace the products you ordered. Once we receive the photos we will contact you by phone or email (your choice) to inform you of our procedure for replacing the damaged goods. We will require that you return the original package and its contents, with our prepaid shipping label prior to your new product order being placed and shipped out to you again.To make a claim for damaged shipment please dial (262)719-2743 and Bob will help you.



ALL FEES PAID TO MINDFUL OF NATURE LLC are deemed non-refundable.

All money deposited by us, or paid in advance by you to Bob J. Mercier for consulting services or Private Lessons or Guided Hunts, is non-refundable.