Terms of Use

Bob’s Blog is a resource for upcoming events, and customer feedback.

  1. We do not allow customer comments to be posted directly on “Bob’s Blog” because we get spammed daily and sorting it all out is a waste of time.
  2. If you hunted with D.I.E. and you believe in it, then send Bob an email or a letter and tell him to post it. If it is in good taste, he will be proud to post your comments on his blog. All rights reserved by Robert J. Mercier for all posts on Bob’s Blog.
  3. Bob’s blog is a place to go to see what Bob and other D.I.E. System users have been up to.
  4. You will see testimonials, and photos of events Bob & Michele attend, along with announcements and upcoming event lists.
  5. Bob does not know everything about deer, but what sets him apart from other deer experts is the fact that what he learned, he learned from deer, not from a book, or other person. He tells it to you how it is, and he teaches you to think like he does so you can see the facts for yourself in any deer herd’s territory.