"I borrowed a friend's book. Once I started reading it I wanted one for myself. Nice Job."
Tom Gietman, Mt. Calvary WI
"A friend of mine stopped by and he saw my D.I.E. book. He confiscated it and left, so I am calling to order another one".
Don Puccetti, Grafton WI
"I just attended an indoor and an outdoor DIE seminar and am processing the wealth of information I received. Bob Mercier has an amazing system of hunting that is extensive and far superior to any other deer hunting method. Bob's passion for deer hunting is contagious, I can't wait to be hunted by a monster buck."
Scott Swan, Fennimore WI
“Dominance Is Everything has been the best investment I have ever made for deer hunting! I've read many articles and books throughout my years of hunting, and yet, none has ever offered anything that is comparable to the information presented by Bob Mercier in his book and at his seminar. Bob basically tells you the secret ingredients to the secret recipe that would allow you to encounter the biggest buck of your lifetime!”
“About two years ago, I ordered Bob's book, and attended one of his seminars. I was very pleased with the new knowledge that I acquired at the seminar, and I decided to give the system a try.”
“I went out in the beginning of November to do my hunt. Two days went by, and I did not see anything. I grew impatient, and I gave Bob a call. He gave me some tips and encouraged me to be patient, for I still had two more days to hunt. On the third day, I did everything Bob had told me from the previous night, and within an hour, the biggest buck of my lifetime showed up! He was a 10 pointer with thick tall tines, all about the same length, and from my guess he was at least a 160-class…a very mature buck indeed. However, during that hour, I had fallen asleep. I woke up, to him moving into my scrape. His presence caught me by surprise, and the buck fever kicked in hyper drive. He stood not even 20 yards away, but I was trembling from excitement so much that I shot over his back. He jumped away increasing his distance from me, but he continued to look towards the scrape. I could not bring myself together to attempt another shot at him, and eventually, I watched him slowly walk away from the scrape, heading back towards the neighbor's property. That was the biggest buck I have ever encountered!”
“Dominance Is Everything is an excellent system. I've learned more than just a system. I've learned to become a more complete hunter, and best of all, I've learned to become invisible to deer by becoming a deer myself.”
“Thanks Bob!”

Anthony Lee, Germantown WI
“I was referred to the DIE system, by my friend who has attended earlier in the year. I attended a D.I.E seminar in the summer of 2010. I had no idea what to expect in the earlier stages of this seminar, but was open minded. I purchased the D.I.E book and began reading. I used this DIE system to the exact “T” and had no doubt in my mind that I was going to see a brute. After set up, much to my surprise this guy pushes a doe into my set up on day #1 and beds in front of me for 1.5 hours."

11-Point Dominant D.I.E. Buck
223 lbs (dressed weight)
Harvested Nov. 02, 2011
5.5” thickness on the main beams & a 15” inside spread

“I’m Shane Renard — #8 in the world to successfully harvest
a mature buck using the D.I.E system.”

Shane Renard #8 in the world with D.I.E., Green Bay WI
“Thanks to Bob's D.I.E. system I was able to harvest this split-brow tine 10-pointer which green scored 151.25” (my biggest buck). On Oct. 22 2010 I hit this buck with an arrow and did not recover it. On Oct. 30 2010 I met Bob in Green bay WI. He showed me how to use his system. After a 5 hour seminar I headed home very excited to use it.

On Nov 20 (opening day of gun season) the guy that owned the land where I hit the 10-pointer called and said he had seen nothing in the morning and he was not hunting Sunday, so I went out there and set the trap for this buck. On Nov. 21 I got up in my stand … and started to wait, at 4:10 p.m. a buck came to the scrape and as soon as I saw the split brow tine, I knew that was the buck I was waiting for. So a story that started in October ended in November with one shot from my 7 mm REM. Mag. I call him my combo buck (one arrow and one bullet).

THANK YOU BOB for sharing this great system and not keeping it all for yourself! D.I.E. is the BOMB!”


Update on Bernie Miller's success with D.I.E.
In 2012 Bernie Miller shot two more big-racked bucks with D.I.E.
He now has 3 D.I.E. Bucks.
Congratulations Bernie! Keep it up!

Bernie Miller #5 in the world with D.I.E., Hatley WI
"Bob has gotten me fired up for this year's deer hunting season. I've learned more about deer and big bucks in the last 6 months that I've known Bob, then the first 30 years I've hunted. The book is hard to put down. Deer hunting will never be the same. Thanks Bob"
Paul Roden, Cedarburg, WI
"Hi Bob,
I saw your seminar at the Wisconsin Deer and Turkey expo in Madison. I really enjoyed it. With all the products out there and limited time to spend, I thought I'd wait to see if I was still excited about it after some time passed. I keep thinking about the things you said at the seminar. I compared what you said to some of my observations and experiences at our land in Clark county. The more I thought about it the more I realized it just makes sense. I just never put it together before. I can't wait to get the book and read it! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience!"

Andy Beilfuss, Manitowoc Wisconsin
"I purchased and read Bob's book, attended an indoor seminar and now just completed a one-on-one four hour walk on public land with Bob. I have learned more about whitetail deer behavior and how to scout, set up and hunt them from my time with Bob then I have from 30 years of traditional deer hunting. No deer drive, bait pile or food plot will ever produce what Bob's DIE system can. I look forward to being the hunted this fall and joining the DIE pecking order. Thank you Bob for sharing your deer knowledge so openly. College graduate and business owner."
Harold Polster #19 in the world with D.I.E., Phillips, WI
"I had recently finished reading Bob’s book just prior to the opening of the 2011 Gun deer season. Like many hunters in WI, I hunt on public land in the northern part of the state. Unfortunately, because deer camp is three and a half hours away, I was forced to “cram” the system with minor modifications. I set up my DIE system on Friday around mid morning. Opening day came and went with little action. The weather forecast for Sunday called for snow and wind in the afternoon. I headed out to my stand Sunday morning with my drag line in tow. The morning was quiet, and before long the snow and wind started to blow. As I tried to shield my face from the blowing snow, I caught a glimpse of movement about 60 yards away. The buck walked right up to my trail where I had drug my drag line. The buck turned and paralleled my trail heading straight for my DIE setup. At 10 yards I pulled the trigger harvesting a nice 8 pointer. It was 3:00 in the afternoon in the midst of a snow storm, and I had just taken my 2nd biggest deer ever. Thank you, Bob, for sharing your knowledge of Whitetails with the rest of us."
Chad Moder #11 in the world with D.I.E. , Appleton WI
"Bob you really have an amazing system, that brings results! Everything you taught at your seminar and everything that I read in your book is REAL! I have been out on my first D.I.E. hunt, by day 1 when I went to swap out the lures I could tell that the buck took over the scrape and rub. Then today on day 3 of my hunt I walked in to my stand and as I was watching the woods to my left because I heard a noise, I did not notice the buck directly under my stand... needless to say I was busted, by the big buck. Yes it sucks to be busted, but it has been an awesome hunting experience! That buck was 20 yards watching the rub and scrape that I made... that's really incredible! I can't wait until I get another 4 days off to do another D.I.E. hunt so I can get a chance at the king of the herd. Thank you very much for sharing your way of hunting with not only me, but with the world as well!"
Nick Swain, Durand, Wisconsin
"I would like to thank you immensely for introducing me to the Dominance Is Everything program. As you know, I attended your seminar this spring in Sparta, Wisconsin. I was so impressed with the seminar, that shortly thereafter; I invited you to my farm in Buffalo County Wisconsin for a One-On-One. It was at that point that I was extremely impressed with how you were able to analyze my property. Within the first hour you were able to pin point dominant buck rubs on my property and were able to locate the "King" within minutes thereafter. It was worth every penny that I paid to have you come out and assess my property.
As I recall, you picked out a dominant buck rub in the middle of my property and told me that the buck would be lying within 150 yards of this rub...we walked 100 yards and we jumped him and trailed him out through the rest of the property. You then pointed out the stand location and where I should set up for my hunt, which I followed exactly.
On the morning of Oct. 26, 2012, after setting up according to your instruction, I approached the scrape and was excited to see that the "king" had visited while I was away, and set up his own breeding scrape in front of a tree in excess of 8" in diameter, that was about 10 feet in front of my scrape. As I climbed into my stand I was excited to see the buck had found my scrape. I sat for the entire day until about 3:00 in the afternoon when 2 young does came in and bedded approx. 40 yards from my stand. A short time later, a pair of small yearling bucks walked down the same trail and scented the 2 does, they charged into the thicket and jumped the does up and began to chase them. It was at that moment that the "king" was disturbed. He was lying in the back of the thicket approx. 60 yards downwind from the scrape. I realized at that point he had been lying there all day, as you said he would be watching the D.I.E. scrape the entire time.
He walked stiff-legged up to the other bucks and then approached the scrape, as you predicted....the rest is history. I arrowed him and he ran approximately 150 yards and tipped over and I harvested my first DIE buck.
It worked out exactly according to your plan. I can't thank you enough. I am looking forward to using the same program in the other states that I hunt. I am totally sold on this program and the book and the One-On-One Private Seminar were worth every cent. I would recommend your program to anybody who is willing to put the time and effort into doing it right. If they follow your instructions I believe they will be successful in harvesting the buck of a lifetime."

Jerry DenBoer #15 in the world with D.I.E., Buffalo County WI
"First thing I want to say is WOW! The D.I.E. system really works. The information that is in the book make sense and is easy to understand. Thank you Bob for putting a book like this together. I have used the D.I.E. System and on my first hunt with it I bagged the biggest buck of my life. I modified the system because I had not quite read the whole book. I use the information in the book to put up my stand in the best location for success. The day I hunted the area the first time I walked like a deer to my stand and walked within 15 yards of a monster buck and he never even knew I was there. He thought I was a doe walking by. When I got in my stand the buck was only 15 yard out he was making his way towards me. He was looking for the the doe(me walking like a deer). I took the shot and now I have a huge 10 point buck hanging on my wall. I could not have done this without the knowledge that I have gained from this book. Once again, thank you Bob you have changed the way I hunt, and the way I think about deer."
Paul Gretzinger #16 in the world with D.I.E.!, Pulaski, Wisconsin
“Hi Bob......just wanted to let you know that my brother Tony talked me into reading your book, and I'm really glad that he did! I hunted on my land in Clark County, Wisconsin, and used the D.I.E. system. I must admit that as I read the book, I was a bit skeptical. I think we've ALL read books before that made claims that didn't seem to pan out, but that was certainly NOT the case with yours. I was able to take this 12 point buck with a bow this season, and had him coming within 25 yards of my stand...uh, just like your system said he would! (Who would've thought that would ever happen?
I've been hunting for many years, and have never seen a system as predictable as yours! I had missed a larger bodied buck a day earlier that was heading right toward the D.I.E. scrape. He also had a nice rack, but not quite as nice as this one. I can only blame buck fever for having missed him, but I was grateful when this big fellow came along. I'm guessing this guy was an intruder buck. Needless to say, I intend to hunt with the D.I.E. system next year and from now on. You've got a believer on your hands with me....Tim Hartley”

Tim Hartley #26 in the world with D.I.E., Cedarburg WI
With seeing a dozen or more different small bucks for each of the past few years and knowing full well there had to be bigger bucks in the area, I called Bob Mercier. Actually within two hours of hearing of his way of locating and harvesting dominant bucks I gave him a call. Two days later in early May, I had him come to my farm in Grant County for a one-on-one seminar. With not having read his book prior to that day, I was awestruck as to his knowledge of deer behavior. I have been bow hunting since 1967 and learned more that day than all those years of hunting. Bob made real sense of all the deer behavior that I had witnessed in the woods all those years.
Bob, after lecturing me for five hours on the D.I.E. technique, took me to the woods to locate the dominant buck’s bed. After looking at a map of the farm, locating three different rubs, and drawing lines on the farm map, he quickly and instinctively found his bed with escape tunnels along with the dominant buck’s tracks. He told me where to set up and how to be hunted by him…the dominant buck.
I followed Bob’s D.I.E. setup as best I could and of course with a prevailing northwest wind in mind. As with most activities in the outdoors, things didn’t go quite as planned. The wind ended up being a south to southeast wind for the next several days and job responsibilities made it impossible to hunt each day. I was only able to hunt Day 1, Part of Day 3 and on Day 5 of this scrape. With a S/SE wind I knew I would be outlined if he walked into the wind to the scrape. So, I moved my stand 100 yards straight north of the scrape in hopes of catching him in a hallway between his bedroom and the D.I.E. scrape. On Day 5, Wednesday, November 14, I saw him leaving his bedding area and he did slip by me on his way to the D.I.E. scrape. I gave one grunt and he turned completely around and came right to me. A real nice 11 pointer, double-lunged at 15 yards, and went only 35 yards after impact. We also shot an old 14 pointer and a mature 8 pointer within 100 yards, and a huge 9 pointer with a 19.5 in. spread within 200 yards of that same scrape, during the rifle season. Bob sure pointed me in the right direction as to where to hunt way back in May. I’m looking forward to next year with hopes of getting better at perfecting the techniques and experiencing the results of D.I.E. THANKS BOB!

Vince Lease #22 in the world with D.I.E.!, Fennimore, WI
"Bob has gotten me fired up for this year's deer hunting season. I've learned more about deer and big bucks in the last 6 months that I've known Bob, then the first 30 years I've hunted. The book is hard to put down. Deer hunting will never be the same. Thanks Bob"

“Hi Bob,
Wanted to let you know this has been by far my best year for seeing big bucks up close and I give you all the credit. I have had three that I estimate to be 140-165 class. The bad part is I only took one shot and I missed. The other two bucks came within 10 yards but I was unable to get a shot. Had what might have been a 4th buck at the scrape on the 3rd day, bedded 25 yards from the scrape, waiting for me at daybreak. I did not get a good look at him, as he busted through the brush. I still want to set up a late season D.I.E. scrape.” Thanks, Paul Roden

Paul Roden - Successful D.I.E. Hunter and One-On-One Client, Cedarburg WI
"Hi Bob,
A couple of weeks ago my Dad (Jeff) and I (Greg) went to your outdoor seminar on your parents land. First of all I want to say thank you for taking the time to teach all of us that are willing to forget about "traditional hunting" and become D.I.E. hunters. To have it scheduled to 4 pm and stay till almost 7:30 was amazing. Most people wouldn't have done that. I know my Dad and I really did appreciate every minute of it.

I read your book in a week’s time. I couldn't put it down. All the knowledge that you give is huge to fully understanding your system and going to the seminar was the icing on the cake. It really brought everything together. I'm a huge bow hunter and I can say that I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. I have done my scouting and have my two spots picked out. I have hunted this land for years and after reading and seeing you read sign, I have a completely new view of the land. I now feel I know where the deer are and why they are there. Like I told you the night we were all leaving, when I get my "king"(and with the knowledge you gave me I will) you are going to be the second person I call. Sorry my Dad will be the first. We are all about mastering your techniques to become D.I.E. hunters.

Lastly, I know you said something about possibly starting a group of experienced D.I.E. hunters who will be taught to teach your system to others. I know you probably get this all the time but I'm hooked on the D.I.E. system. I would love to be able to learn more and pass your knowledge on to other hunters like you do now. If it ever comes around and you need some people (which I'm sure won't be hard) please keep me in mind! After going through all of the reading and walking with you in the woods. It all makes perfect sense to me and I would love to be able to learn more. I see how you can become so inspired by all this and I know I would love to do this too.

Once again I want to THANK YOU for all you are doing!
Thank You"

Greg Petermann, Kewaskum, WI
I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you, and listen to your seminars at Buck-O-Rama in Hayward, WI. I purchased your book, and have since that day been reading the book and trying to learn the D.I.E. system. I don’t believe I have been this excited about deer hunting since I started hunting at age 13, many years ago. As I listened to your seminars, I was applying what you said, to the land that I hunt, (private farm) and how I can make your system work there. I have set my scouting day for this coming Saturday. I know the land well, since I have hunted the same property for the past 15 years.

In reading your book, I find myself looking at the property, and the signs I have seen on it in a whole new way. The satellite views now take on a new meaning, as I look at the trails and possible bedding areas. I can't wait for Day 1 of the hunt, and look forward to being able to send you a photo and story for my first D.I.E. buck.

Just want to thank you in advance for developing the D.I.E. system and giving me a whole new outlook on deer hunting.

A new D.I.E. hunter”

Mike Gutowski, Menomonie WI
Just want to say thank you for sharing your D.I.E. hunting system with me.
My first D.I.E. hunt took place a week ago which produced a 3.5 year old intruder 8 pointer 20 yards upwind of me but never offered the right shot so I had to pass. I talked to Bob after that hunt and told him I only had Saturday 11-10-12 to hunt. Bob advised me to set up on Friday mid-day and "cram the system". That's exactly what I did and at 8 am on Saturday an 8 pointer came in from downwind "on a string" towards my scrape. This buck had his nose as high in the air as he could, scent checking the area. I passed his test because Bob taught me how to become invisible to deer. After a brief stand-off, this buck turned broadside at 15 yards. I let the arrow fly through his "pump station". He went about 75 yards and tipped over". Harold Polster Phillips, WI 11-10-12 "And I approve this message"

Harold Polster #19 in the world with D.I.E.!, Phillips WI
This testimonial came through a One-On-One customer of mine Doug Dedering who is a D.I.E. Hunter. Doug taught his son Leo, and his son’s friend Taylor Galecki (who shot a mature buck and then wrote this testimonial) using the tactics that D.I.E. Hunters use to get to their stands (walking among deer). The two young men, both shot bucks, in the 2012 WI gun season using tactics they learned from Doug, who learned it from me, Bob J. Mercier. Taylor shot a mature buck that thought he was a buck or a doe, therefore I deemed Taylor’s 2 ½ year old buck a D.I.E. Buck, and he indeed earned a rank in the D.I.E. Hunter’s Pecking order. Taylor Galecki is now the #25 in the world with DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING. Here is his testimonial:

“Ok first things first I'll start off by saying that ‘deer walking’ in my opinion works great! I got to witness first-hand a deer following Leo. (Leo is my friend who hunts the same land as I do.) It thought Leo was another deer. I had just got up in my stand at 6:10 A.M. and Leo was leaving to walk to his stand. No more than 1 minute later there was a little doe walking down the trail that me and Leo had just walked down. It was following everything Leo was doing. Every time that Leo stopped, the deer stopped and when Leo would start walking, it would walk. The deer walked right up to my stand and it could not find Leo anywhere. It then turned around and walked down the trail a little ways from where it had come from and bedded down.

Now for the Buck Story...

We had hunted all day, opening day and saw a lot of deer activity as well as heard some grunts. We saw three different bucks between Leo and me. One buck in particular was a buck that we both saw. 3:15 P.M. and was about 200 yards out on a ridge. There was a tree line in front of me and the deer. It was acting as if it had been following a ‘hot doe’. Then when it got straight out from me at 200 yards, it stopped at the top of the ridge and just waited, looking around for 1 minute. It then turned around and ran 600 yards away out of sight. That was not the last time I would see that nice buck. The next morning, it was a pretty cold very calm morning. You could hear everything that was walking, hundreds of yards away. I saw a doe early, the one that was following Leo, at 6:10 A.M. and did not shoot it. At roughly 7:15, I saw something coming from the top of the ridge. I saw its breath before I saw the deer. It turned out to be the nice 8 pointer that I saw the night before. It was walking very slowly and walking right on the other side of the tree line that was about 70 yards from me. When the deer got straight out from me again, it stopped, turned right at me and started to walk through the tree line. It got half-way through the tree line when my stand made a very small squeak. The buck was now more alert than ever and stopped for what seemed like 10 minutes, trying to out wait anything that just made that noise. The buck finally started walking right at me again, meanwhile I had my gun up and he was in the cross hairs. I was just waiting for him to turn broadside so I could make a good shot. He was now about 50-60 yards away from me and turned broadside. He had a little bit of a quartering towards me going on. I put the cross hairs right on him again and squeezed off a shot. The deer walked a few steps then jumped over a little brush pile, walked a few more yards and then I heard nothing. I got down finding I put a perfect shot on him, I hit his heart. He died no more than 10 yards from where he had been shot. Best hunting story I’ve ever had and first buck in my life! Thanks for the great advice! It paid off this year!”

~Taylor Galecki

Taylor Galecki #25 in the world with D.I.E., Cedarburg WI
"My friend and I went on a TWO-ON-ONE Private Lesson with Bob Mercier in a woodlot I just purchased. I have been hunting for 40 years, and I realized when we were done with my field training, that I really didn't know much about reading deer sign and knowing how deer think, prior to me hiring Bob to train me.

Bob is a regular guy like me and my buddy. He has a boat-load of knowledge about deer. Bob has spent a lot of time in the woods. He showed us how to read the deer sign in the woods (like a deer). We saw the tracks, the tree rubs and the bed impressions every season, but didn't know what those signs were telling us. When we were done at the end of the day, our heads were ready to explode trying to process all the new information.

Bob found a territorial boundary between two dominant bucks (on my land). He taught us how to scout the land, to find the deer, by reading their sign, and then how to use his Dominance Is Everything System on my land so the king of each herd would be hunting us.

If you have an open mind and want to learn, you won't go wrong with Bob's book, or any training that he can provide.

I look forward to trying the D.I.E. System next hunting season."

Joe Maxfield , Menomonie Wisconsin
"My testimony is that Bob's (D.I.E.) DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING system works! Bob Mercier came to my place and helped me set up my very first D.I.E Scrape and stand in October 2012. We set it up in a 14 acre woodlot behind my home. Prior to using D.I.E. I had never gotten a shot at any decent bucks in this particular woodlot and never saw more than 5 deer while hunting any 4 day period. In the four days hunting my D.I.E. Set up, I saw 24 deer total, 8 different bucks and I was at full draw on the area's king, but due to a marginal shot, I opted to pass on him.
I followed Bob's instructions to a 'Tee' and never spooked or alarmed any deer. I also saw 2 Monster intruder bucks after the encounter with the king. The king was a 4-1/2 year old split-tined 10-point that would score in the mid 140 inch class. The other hunters on the next woodlot were getting no shots and the deer had them pegged, because they were hunting traditionally. When I hunt with Bob's system I am, and I feel, invisible! I've had deer within 15 feet of my tree stand, downwind of me, and they look right through me.
To me there is no way of hunting that is more exciting and rewarding than being an accepted part of the deer herd and nature, the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING way!"

An Amish Gentleman (Initials A.Y.) , Hillpoint WI
"I ordered D.I.E. on the recommendation of my cousin and really liked reading about deer and things I did not know. I don't have land of my own but I hunt on my cousins land that recommended D.I.E. I used the techniques from the book to get ready and into the woods to my stand. It did take me longer to get there but I was careful to sound like a deer and stopped often. I didn't arrive till after daylight. Once in my stand I got comfortable sat and didn't move and after 45 minutes this 14 pointer came through heading for cover and never knew I was there. He slowly walked about 50 yards from me and I shot and he went about 30 yards laid down and died. He never knew I was there even with the wind in the wrong direction. The oldest deer I ever shot and I think it was because I was invisible. That is the second deer we harvested using techniques from this book, my cousin is Vince Lease #22 and his testimony is already here."
Bill Haga #27 in the world with D.I.E.!, Neenah, WI
"I was given a book for Christmas from my wife. I'm a tough one to shop for. This is one of my greatest gifts, it opened many doors for me. I have learned more about deer in the first 200 pages, than all articles I've read in the past. Thanks for your hard work." Tony
Tony Zens, Milaca MN
Congratulations go out to Bob Schneider of Chilton WI. Bob has hunted numerous times with the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING SYSTEM since 2011. Bob had a head cold in 2011 and had to quit during his first hunt, but he did not want to leave the area, so he sat in his car and watched his tree stand and D.I.E. Scrape with binoculars. He saw a heavy racked monster buck approach it, within 10 yards of where he should have been sitting, on his fourth day. He called me to share his story, and I agreed not to write about it, until he was successful at harvesting a mature buck with the system.
Bob and I have spent the better part of three days together since then, and I knew this day was going to be coming this season. The day Bob called to say he shot a D.I.E. Buck! He doesn't like to write stories so he gave me the details of his hunt and I will share them with you here.
Bob modified the system a bit, and he still had success. Here are the facts.
Read Bob Schneider's own words (below)

"I had to walk over 400 yards across a field to get to my tree stand so I modified the time that I needed to start and I left my vehicle in the dark. I took my time getting to my stand, walking like a deer the whole way. I got there in the dark, and all was quiet until 7 am when I heard a deer splashing its hooves in the water off to the East of me in the swamp. I was hunting in the middle of a swamp (another modification to the system)."

"I heard, ploosh, ploosh, ploosh, ploosh. I didn't know it then but it was a buck making his way across the swamp to check me out. Then all was quiet. I watched the sun come up, and the frost burn off around me, and at 8 o'clock (I checked my watch), I heard ploosh, ploosh, ploosh, ploosh, as the same deer, took 5 or 6 steps towards me again. I think the buck was standing there 40-50 yards away in standing water for that whole hour, but at that time I didn't know that it was a buck. I thought the first deer I heard at 7 am had passed through. Now I know different. He was hunting me!"

"My first reaction when I heard his second set of steps in the water was to think "Holy crap... he is close!"
"Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a 10 point buck. He had approached silently to within 30 feet of me. I did not use the D.I.E. Scrape in this area. I chose the spot because I knew a big buck lived (bedded) downwind of my stand in that area, and he would surely come to me as a invisible deer. I did drag in the doe lure that you recommended. I shot the buck immediately and now I have a D.I.E. Buck to report. He is 3 to 4 years old with a 16" inside spread and he has nice mass. His face is really gray."
"Earlier in November I set up a D.I.E. Scrape and hunted over it. I saw 5 mature bucks from that tree stand in the 4 consecutive days I hunted. I passed on all of them, because I knew there were bigger racked bucks in the area. On the last (4th) day I saw two really nice 8 pointers and a 10 pointer. The 8 pointers were both shooters in any one's book, but I wanted to wait for the king. The 10 pointer was the biggest of the three bucks. All of them came in during the last 45 minutes of daylight on Day 4. Each one came alone. There was not a dull moment to be in my stand. I believe in the power of the D.I.E. Scrape, but I had more time to hunt so I passed on those buck that day. I was invisible. They never saw me."

Bob Schneider #24 D.I.E. Hunter from Chilton WI
For those of you who don't know, Bob Schneider owns Gravity Park Race Track in Chilton WI. He and I met when he signed up to come to seminar in Madison WI in 2011. I enjoy spending time with him, and I know that you will too, if you ever get a chance to meet him. He is a true gentleman, who is all about having fun, while working at his racetrack and while being hunted by kings!
Congratulations Bob! You finally did it!
You are now #24 in the world with D.I.E.!
Written by Bob J. Mercier

Bob Schneider, Chilton WI
Thank you first of all for writing Dominance Is Everything. I am sure you don't remember us talking when I ordered your book but it's the best 50 bucks I have ever spent.

I had been hunting the same way for close to thirty years, and I don't think I will ever go back. One note I don't know if this is knowledge you already possess, but here it goes any way, this buck busted me on day 1 of my hunt and left me very dissapointed in myself. As I did'nt even get close to a shot opportunity. However I remained on stand and followed the system for the remaining three days with no results. Two days later I moved to a new location 40 yards away (very thick woods) and at 7 AM there he was, did'nt make it 50 yards. I found it suprising that basically a week had gone by and he was still in the vicinity. Due to the proximity of the DIE set-up and checking the scrape and finding it still being visited I am convinced that he was coming back all that time, he was sure bought up into the ruse! I hope you enjoy the pics. Oh yes before I forget Nov 11 2012, 172 lbs 18-3/8" inside 11-points 12" G3's I forgot to measure the main's."

Thanks again
D.I.E. rules!

David Stoelb, Sheboygan County WI

What a thrill!! 55 years old and finally I get big bucks close in good daylight, using "Dominance Is Everything" I have finally got a nice buck with my bow. Okay... I wasn't Mr. Perfect Hunter before, but I felt there had to be a way to target big bucks. Bob's D.I.E. System does what I wanted.

This year I set up on Tuesday then went to my stand Friday at 7:20. Did as instructed and at 4:30 I shot an 8 pointer, 18.5 inch spread, 186 pound dressed buck. He pawed at the ground by the D.I.E. Scrape seconds before I drilled him at 18-20 yards. He showed up looking like he had no fears at the scrape.

I have now completed 3 D.I.E hunts, and all have gone as Bob has predicted. Getting them close in daylight is no guarantee to getting a clean shot.

This year it all worked and by Friday at 4:30 pm on Day 1, I had my buck.
Bob's biggest help to me was his personal visit to my hunting land. He is a "Deer Whisperer". His knowledge of deer is off the charts. I cringe when I read blogs that criticize what Bob teaches. Until you have spent a day with Bob don't judge. He doesn't knock anyone else'e methods, he just teaches what he knows. The DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING Trophy Buck Hunting System has worked great for me.

Thanks Bob for a very interesting 2 hunting years, the best two of my hunting career.

Best Wishes,
Paul Roden
Cedarburg- Keep them guesing !!!

Paul Roden, United States
I just attended a Dominance is Everything seminar on 8-16-14. Wow what a seminar. I think Bob's new name should be Dr. Deer. So much he shared with me from 10-6. My head was spinning with all the new things Dr. Deer shared with me.
He will be doing this again in Menomonie on Saturday August 23 2014.
Take it and your deer hunting will change forever.

Michael Potter, Menomonie Wi
"Bob walked with me on my land, pointed out everything about the way deer move and spend their time, their breeding area, all about rubs, and where to set up the D.I.E. System. It is like he has a supernatural knowledge of deer. He knows more about deer than anyone I know." Thanks Bob
Glen Sheetz, Eastern Ohio
I just attended a Dominance is Everything seminar on 8-16-14. Wow what a seminar. I think Bob's new name should be Dr. Deer. So much he shared with me from 10-6. My head was spinning with all the new things Dr. Deer shared with me.

He will be doing this again in Menomonie on Saturday August 23 2014.

Take it and your deer hunting will change forever.

Michael Potter, Menomonie Wi
On May 2nd 2014, I had a private lesson with Bob on our property in Waushara County. That lesson changed the way I will think about hunting from now on.

Bob met me in Wildrose and we drove to my property. Bob found a rub about 20 yards from where we parked. Bob wasted no time in teaching me how to read rubs and why the wind is your friend. I spent the whole day with Bob learning Bob's secrets on how to become invisible to deer. I have been hunting my property for the past 4 years and never found the bedding area of a King deer. Bob found both bedding areas of the Kings that were on my property (we kicked both Kings up). I was amazed on the things I learned on May 2nd.

To top the day off we saw 3 deer in the field about 120 yards out. Bob said I will bring one of those deer to us and sure enough one of those deer came in to 60 yards because of Bob's DIE system. It was amazing! That deer never saw us because we were invisible to him.

Can't wait to try out his secrets this year for the rut! His DIE book is a must read for any die hard hunter. It will change the way you think of hunting.

Thanks Bob.
A DIE hunter for Life, Scott Rankin

Scott Rankin, Waushara County, WI
Howdy, Bob!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming out and walking the woods with my brother Jeremy and I this week (April 6 2014). Jeremy and I have been hunting those woods for many years now and we thought we only had small bucks on that parcel. We thought that big mature deer were nonexistent in that area due to the hunting pressure of the neighboring hunting parties.

You can bet that Jeremy and I were ecstatic when you explained and taught us how to understand and read buck rubs. We never knew all the information that those rubs can tell about the monster buck that made it. We were really shocked when you discovered that not only did we have a 5-6 year old king on the property, and that he had a 24-26 inch spread, but that there is also another monster buck on the same parcel that is not part of the pecking order but stakes a claim of the territory. I could not believe how far off the ground that monster buck had made his rub or how massive his bed was. I really learned a lot about deer beds that I never knew before you came and shared your knowledge of deer and deer sign. Jeremy and I were in disbelief because not only is there a dominant king, but there is another monster on that land as well.

It was exciting when we came onto the deer while out in the woods and you showed us how we could get closer to them without having the deer flee the area, because I had never seen that done before. It is astonishing that you could tell that the hierarchy of power had changed on the land, just by reading last fall’s rubs. From your explanation of how you knew that was completely mind blowing and I am completely exuberant that you took the time to share your knowledge with my brother and me.
I also want to thank you for taking the time to point out and explain multiple stand site locations for next year’s D.I.E. hunt. You can bet Jeremy and I will be calling you the day we get our dominant bucks.

Thank you Bob for sharing your system with us and for being gracious to come walk our land and explain in detail the D.I.E. concepts. It makes sense reading it in your book, you explain these concepts in details at your seminars, but to see those concepts out in the field really helped me understand and put everything together. All I can say Bob is that you have one amazing gift, and I certainly believe in your D.I.E. system and I believe in your knowledge of deer behavior.
The phenomenal part about Dominance Is Everything is that a regular guy (such as myself) can shoot a Boone and Crocket buck and they don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to an outfitter or be guided on a hunt, because with the D.I.E. system that buck of a lifetime will be hunting you!

Stay tuned for photos and my story of my D.I.E. buck this fall!

Dominance Is Everything!

Nick Swain
Wisconsin Native
D.I.E. Hunter & Believer

Nick Swain, NorthCentral WI
Thank you for teaching me how to be ‘hunted’ by the kings of deer herds. I bought your book in summer of 2012 at the Rinehart R-100 Archery Shoot in Sparta WI, where you had a booth. It was the best investment I have ever made. I have used the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® System, more commonly known as the D.I.E. System, each of the last two years, and I was blessed to have encountered two of the largest-racked bucks I have ever seen while hunting.


I went to college at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls to become a game warden. It was there that I studied Conservation and Criminal Justice. I graduated from school in December 2013. As part of an Ecology course, I field-tested the D.I.E. System, by setting it up 100% as directed on some land near Baldwin Wisconsin.

While I was researching the validity of your claims that you make in your book, that the herd’s most dominant buck will search (hunt) for maker of the D.I.E. Scrape, I did indeed find that to be a fact. On the first day of my first D.I.E. hunt, the most dominant buck of the herd came to my stand, just eight minutes after I stopped making noise. Eight minutes, it was unbelievable!

Before I read your book and learned to use your tactics (the D.I.E. System), I would have thought someone was lying, if they told me that they used a new deer hunting tactic and a dominant buck came to their tree stand in the first eight minutes of the first day of the hunt. When I saw this happen with my own eyes and it was jaw dropping. In fact, my jaw literally did drop when this magnificent buck magically appeared at the D.I.E. Scrape as if out of thin air. I did not see him come in, because I had my attention focused on a smaller pecking order buck that had followed me to my stand.

The monster dominant buck scent-checked the D.I.E. Scrape from the exact location that I was standing only minutes earlier. It was obvious to me that he was trying to figure out which deer was just there. When he saw the smaller buck in the area, he dragged his hoofs in the dirt (stiff-legged) towards the smaller buck while quartering away from me.

What happened next many people would never admit to, but I will admit to it. I drew my bow back and let my arrow go from a sitting position. It hit him flush in the front shoulder. The arrow snapped clean off where the broadhead was attached, and the buck ran off never to be seen again. I replay that shot in my head day in and day out. I missed the vitals and messed up the shot of a lifetime.

In all fairness, the D.I.E. System did work perfectly. It brought the biggest buck in the area to my stand location within 35 yards during the legal shooting house of daylight, and he came in within four consecutive days. The DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Trophy Buck Hunting System REALLY WORKS and it would not be fair for me to say it that it didn’t, just because I was not able to make a killing shot on the buck that ‘hunted’ me. THE D.I.E. SYSTEM REALLY WORKS, and I swear on my four-year college degree that it works for anyone, any place deer exist, as long as they follow the easy directions you clearly establish in your book.

Everyone who uses the D.I.E. System as the book states, who is willing to get rid of their traditional ways of hunting deer, I believe is in for a treat. I was shocked to see the tactics Bob J. Mercier shared with us in his book, work just as Bob said they would.

I was shaking in my hunting boots when this big buck came right to me. I have dreams about my next D.I.E hunt and I cannot wait for the rut to come again. Looking back now, I am so glad that I was open-minded enough to give the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Trophy Buck Hunting System a try, and to have stuck with it… never altering my preparation, the set-up, or the hunt in any way.


I will never hunt like a traditional deer hunter ever again. I AM A D.I.E. HUNTER FOR LIFE. I feel bad for the people who are stuck in their ways of traditional hunting and close-minded to change, but I am grateful that they do hunt.

I learned more from reading Bob’s D.I.E. book and from attending Bob’s D.I.E. Hunter Training Seminars in the last two years than I have in 10 years of hunting deer traditionally. I do not mean to disrespect my mentor and friend Mike (my step-Dad) who taught me how to hunt safely, properly, and legally, and more importantly how to be respectful of others and to the animals.


I have attended two (4-6 hr) D.I.E. Hunter Training Seminars and three (1 hr) Seminars that Bob put on at sports shows in Wisconsin. I continue to go back because I learn more and more every time that I listen to Bob. It is like watching a great movie for the first time and then reviewing it repeatedly, picking up lots of things you missed the time before. I plan to attend every D.I.E. System Training Seminar I can because I am always learning more about deer.


In March 2014, my brother Nick and I were fortunate enough to have Bob come to our hunting land to walk the woods with us, on a Private Lesson. It was amazing. Nick and I learned a lot about the deer herd that lives on our land. We learned what bedding areas we had been hunting in, and Bob showed us where the herd chooses to bed, with any wind direction. We learned how to find the dominant buck’s beds, pecking order buck’s beds, and doe & fawn beds. I learned how to read tree rubs and I now comprehend what they all mean to the deer that see them. Now I know what the buck that makes rubs, is telling his herd. We found numerous premier locations to set-up the D.I.E. system, and Bob showed us the reasons why we will not get busted by any deer if we use D.I.E. as directed in those areas.

I learned so much having Bob come to the hunting land. Now when I look at deer sign I understand it in a new way. The money you pay for Bob’s Private Lesson services is worth it, with everything you learn. I recommend anyone who wants to be a better D.I.E. hunter, to do a (One-On-One) Private Lesson with Bob. It was a great day of adventure on our Private Lesson.

Thanks again so much for sharing your secret D.I.E. System with the world and for allowing anyone who wants to become a D.I.E. Hunter a chance to do so. In my opinion, this is the real brotherhood of hunting. THE D.I.E. SYSTEM is AMAZING! Dominance truly is everything to a monster whitetail buck!

Jeremiah Swain
Two-year veteran D.I.E. Hunter

Jeremiah Swain, Baldwin WI
Dear Bob,

"I would like to thank you for writing Dominance Is Everything...To A Monster Whitetail Buck! I bought the book at the Green Bay Deer show; I also attended your seminar this past winter.
I hunt in Northern Iron County, Wisconsin on public land; I have been a traditional hunter (as you say) for the past 30 years with some success. I harvested a two and a half year old and a three and a half year old buck.
As I was reading your book, things started to make a lot of sense! I was not only looking forward to trying your “Dominance Is Everything “ System I was also very excited!
I had an area where I wanted to set up the D.I.E. System and I scouted it on October 24, 2013. I found a likely location, however there were very few deer tracks. On October 27, 2013 I made my way to my D.I.E. stand, and I arrived at 7:15 am. I sat all day without seeing any deer. (The D.I.E. Scrape was covered with pine needles and leaves).

At 5:50 pm I saw a large bodied buck about seventy yards away. He rubbed on one tree, and then went to another tree where he rubbed and made a scrape, he then did a 180 degree flip. He proceeded to walk towards me, (I was facing the scrape). When he was behind a tree, I stood up and readied for a shot. The buck walked parallel to my stand; I shot at 15 yards striking the buck center, but high. (I was 25 feet up in the tree) I watched as the buck ran off, within seconds I saw the buck fall about 80 yards away, all was quiet. I waited 15 minutes before leaving the tree stand. I found part of my arrow, but no blood. I decided to leave the deer lay over night. It was a long sleepless night, with lots of praying. I had made plans with a few friends to find my trophy in the morning. We arrive at the tree stand around 8:30 am October 28, 2013. We walked about 40 yards when my friend yelled “here he is and he’s a big one! The dominant buck was a 6 pointer with 4 inch bases and 15 inch inside spread, and heavy beams. The most impressive part was his weight; he weighed 220 lbs dressed out, and he had about one inch of fat on his hind quarters."

Thank you,
God Bless you & your wife

Sincerely Jerry Gardner

Jerry Gardner, De Pere WI
"Hi Bob,
I just wanted to let you know your system worked, it's great. John Holden and I took your class a couple years ago. Last year I set up your system, but it was not right. I just got home from being on the road and did not have the time to do it correctly. Needlessly to say I didn't see anything! This year I had the time and did it by your book, step-by-step, boy did it pay off!
This big guy would only come out late at night. I know this because I have his photo on my trail cam. There where also a smaller 8 point, a 7 point, a 6 point, and 5 point. This bigger 8 point took over the area, no he is not a huge deer, but still very nice.
After doing your setup on Thursday, and not going back to it, I did not even get a chance to put up the last scent when at 7:20 am opening day he came in to check out the scrape. He stopped just long enough on the other side of the scrape for me to get off a 34 yard shot. The conditions were just perfect that morning, a little foggy, winds were in my favor.
After going down to get my deer, I checked out the scrape and the rub. He indeed took it over! The signs where there.
I'm also sending a few pictures of my deer and the set up I used. Hope you enjoy!"

Thank you very much,
Timothy Hunt
Sheboygan, WI

Timothy Hunt, Sheboygan, WI
I have incorporated the D.I.E. Method when I hunt. I am very pleased that I purchased the book. I found a way to really bring the Deer to me. I've seen more Dominant Bucks than I ever did before.
Steve Wittmann, Pewaukee Wisconsin
I have incorporated the D.I.E. Method when I hunt. I am very pleased that I purchased the book. I found a way to really bring the Deer to me. I've seen more Dominant Bucks than I ever did before.
Steve Wittmann, Wisconsin
Hey Bob
Thanks for your time yesterday (July 12 2014 at Seminar in Appleton WI). Lots to take in even with having read your book. Your knowledge, dedication and passion is not only apparent but is very exciting. I like the way u roll.

Bob Hietpas, Wisconsin
Sat Oct 4, 2014 I used all the skills I have learned from my Dominance is Everything book and killed this beauty 16 1/2 inch 8 pointer. I shot this deer with my bow at 50 yards. Went to the stand in the morning using traditional methods and did not see a thing. In the afternoon I walked to the stand using Bob's techniques(Walking like a deer, and using scent on a drag line the way Bob showed me) and at 6:08 p.m. I landed my trophy for the year. Can't wait for gun season! I am going to use the same techniques I have learned from Bob.


Thanks Bob.

Scott Rankin, Waushara county - Wildrose - WI
2 years ago I met Bob at Deer Fest in Green Bay. I listened to a speech that he was doing and was left wondering how can this be.. After several months of comtemplating wether i really wanted to spend the $50 on this book and how could it really be this good. I ordered the book and after reading it the first time i was left thinking about my own personal hunts. How i messed up when using scents, walking into the woods on my hunts as well as the stand placements i have chosen over the years. Im by far not the best hunter out there but after being trained to be a D.I.E Hunter my view point on the "Whitetail" world has changed. In all honestly it took a lot for me to buy this book but now looking back on what i have read as well as learned hands on by hiring Bob to teach me the cost of the book is really a no brainer for anyone serious about whitetail hunting. Stay tuned as i use Bobs Tactics on being a D.I.E Hunter this fall to put a Mature Buck down.. Give him a call, Fallow his blogs and learn for yourself as i have..
I look forward to spending more time with Bob to learn his skills not only in person but thru phone calls and messaging. Keep it up

Jacob Gerloff, Manitowoc WI


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