D.I.E. Hunter Statistics


Here are the names, dates, and hunt statistics from the first 27 people who killed a D.I.E. Buck, and recovered it,  and who were willing to share the details of their first attempt at using the D.I.E. System with you. There certainly were others who did not call in their success story before the deadline for entry in this group. Those D.I.E. Hunters were successful as well, but their feeling was not to share their new knowledge about deer behavior and the way people can be invisible to deer, with the public. As you know deer hunting is a competitive sport for most people, and for that reason D.I.E. Hunters everywhere prefer to keep it a secret from their competition that they have a secret weapon. A copy of my book, that has changed the way they choose to behave when they hunt deer. The end result is the biggest buck in the herd comes to them on every hunt, and he is there waiting for them over 50% of the time, on the very first day. Statistics show that there is no better way to hunt trophy bucks on any parcel of land than by using my tactics. I believe it, and so do 99% of those who have read my book titled DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING…To A Monster Whitetail Buck ©2011 by Bob J. Mercier